Peace of mind

Here follows a selection of blog posts that focus on maintaining peace of mind. I think that it is especially important for someone facing chronic illness to practice meditation and any other practices that help them have a peaceful mind. After all, we have enough to deal with! However, remember that a meditation can be walking, drawing, singing or washing up if done in a mindful way, so please don’t be intimidated by the idea of meditation.

“You will never find peace of mind,

until you listen to your heart.”

George Michael.

Self Love Day

Self Love Day

Self Love Day Following on from my post last week on self-care, I came across the fact that February the 13th is International Self-love day as championed by Christine Arylo.  As I have had a really exhausting and draining week, I thought I would continue on this...

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6 easy ways to regain peace of mind.

6 easy ways to regain peace of mind.

Peace of mind is the holy grail in these chaotic busy times. If you can maintain a calm serenity in your day, then life is so much easier. Here are six simple actions you can take to encourage more peace of mind. I have found them incredibly helpful this year...

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