I would like to show you the signposts to some restorative paths you could walk down. All of the healing modalities I have included on this website are ones that have helped me personally. There have been many others, some have been very helpful, some not so much. On this site I am focusing on the one’s that have given me the most relief, improvement in symptoms, emotional balance and increased energy levels.

I love the word restore. For me, it conjures up an image of an old painting, a dilapidated treasure, dusty, forgotten and disintegrating. The painting has gone through a transformation, to allow it to shine in it’s previously hidden beauty. Perhaps piece’s of the painting have been revealed that were unknown before, and the whole picture has been lovingly reworked and reframed. It has been placed in in a new sympathetic and harmonious location where it can be enjoyed and appreciated by all. I wonder what new vista could be further down your restorative paths?

Medicine is the restoration of discordant elements;

sickness is the discord of the elements infused into the living body.

Leonardo da Vinci

Hopefully, you don’t have to reach rock bottom before gaining the impetus to put restorative measures in place for your health. Some do. Could it be that it doesn’t have to be a fixing or repairing, but rather a re-storing, a filling up of reserves, an accumulation of energy and resources? It could be likened to a reviving country stroll, picking fruit for your basket as you wander, all the while absorbing the beautiful scenery, fragrances, and healing fresh air.

Let’s not make it a struggle!



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