Fall in Love with Podcasts: Inspiration for Free!

Why you might fall in love with podcasts: Many people may be aware of podcasts but have never checked them out. They are a fantastic resource for those with chronic illness. Like with listening to radio, you are free to close your eyes and listen or get on with a task...

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Fatigue and Energy Management

Why is energy management important? If like me, you are suffering from an Autoimmune condition(s), then you will most likely know all about the frustrations of limited energy. In this modern world where we all seem to be pushing ourselves to the limit and beyond,...

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Surrender to Chronic Illness as a Way to Wellness

Surrender to chronic illness I have been thinking about surrendering in general, but also a surrender to chronic illness. For those of us with chronic health issues, accepting and surrendering to the realities of our lives is a crucial step forward. On diagnosis, many...

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Why you need turmeric in your tummy

Do you want less pain and a better mood? How about less brain fog and a better memory? Last year I met a lady in a hot tub who had been putting turmeric on her face as she had read that it was good for your skin. She hadn't realised that it stained skin so strongly....

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Self Love Day

Self Love Day Following on from my post last week on self-care, I came across the fact that February the 13th is International Self-love day as championed by Christine Arylo.  As I have had a really exhausting and draining week, I thought I would continue on this...

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Guilt free self care tips : Love yourself!

Go guilt-free and love yourself! I think most people have got the message by now that loving oneself is essential for health and wellbeing. We have heard the analogy of placing the emergency oxygen mask on ourselves before the child so that we can help them. However,...

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Is Anger Slowly Killing You? Choose Forgiveness!

As January draws to a close, many of us will be looking forward to the rollercoaster of a film that is T2. Trainspotting was a groundbreaking film for my generation and its long-awaited sequel T2 has a lot to live up to. Hearing Renton choosing Twitter, Facebook etc...

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How to deal with brain fog – Clear your head.

Knowing how to deal with brain fog is difficult when you are in the midst of it. Here are some simple ways of preventing it and dealing with it when it strikes. It was a full moon the other night and consequently I didn't sleep well. I am generally a good sleeper, but...

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Energy Healing for Chronic Illness

This a bit of a personal post, in that I am going to share with you the energy healing processes that I have found most helpful on my road to recovery. It is my belief that a huge amount of chronic illness is due, in part, to hidden trauma and trapped emotions. By...

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Move your Body – Exercise for Chronic Illness

Over the years of dealing with arthritis and fatigue, I have naturally struggled to summon the energy to do exercise. However, I have also noticed that I can be a bit lazy when it comes to making an effort to get moving and that goes hand in hand with my tendency to...

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Blog - an holistic approach to Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms

Hello and welcome!

I’m Aoife!

I am so excited and grateful to have you visit my Blog – a holistic approach to Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms. I am a mum on the journey of recovering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and a number of other Autoimmune conditions. Having finally gained so much improvement through the measures I have put in place, I would now love to support and connect with you.

Firstly, I will provide you with invaluable information on how you too can move beyond the limitations of a depressing diagnosis. While I don’t have all the answers and am always trying and investigating new approaches, I know that having an inspiring plan of action can be just what is needed to beat overwhelm, and experience more ease and joy. At the end of the day, you must find what works for you personally, as we are all unique.

I am passionate about creativity and healing sound and I love having an holistic approach to my life. Most of all, I can’t wait to motivate and inspire you to make the changes that will create a huge shift you perhaps didn’t realise was possible.



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