Art Journal Inspiration


Willowing Arts: Mixed-media art by Tamara Laporte.

Tamara provides a nurturing mixture of artistic skills teaching and self-loving encouragement. Many online classes available and the year long Lifebook project.


Jane Davenport Artist – Nurturing Artists. Encouraging dreams.

Jane has many free videos available on You Tube giving excellent technical teaching on mixed media art and her journal pages are inspiring and wonderful.

Jane has many free videos available on You Tube giving excellent technical teaching on mixed media art and her journal pages are inspiring and wonderful.


Everything Art – Mixed Media and Art Online Classes.

Jamie and Kasia run a year long mixed-media and art journaling online course called Wanderlust. It is very reasonably priced and gives great inspiration on a weekly basis to keep those creative juices flowing.

Autoimmune Protocol Diet


AIP Lifestyle

Jessica Flanagan has many resources on this website to help you navigate autoimmune disease. She explains how the Autoimmune Protocol is a diet that helps heal the immune system and gut mucosa and is applicable to any inflammatory disease. There are great podcasts and articles on how to approach the AIP diet and her latest book “The Loving Diet” adds in the components of mindfulness, acceptance and self-love to the other approaches.


The Paleo Mom

This website by Sarah Ballantyne is a treasure trove of information on Paleo, AIP, healthy living, positive mindset and helpful supplements and products. Sarah has a doctorate in Medical Biophysics and has been on a journey of healing multiple autoimmune diseases herself. She has also written numerous books on the paleo way of life and healing recipes.


Autoimmune Wellness

Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt are nutritional therapists that have also gained huge improvements in their health by following the AIP. They both had multiple autoimmune diseases and now help others through this community driven site. Again, they have many recipe resources, podcasts and books to enlighten and inspire on the subject.



Sound Therapy


Holistic Sound.

This is my sound therapy website and information on therapeutic sound treatments, tuning forks and sacred drumming can be found here along with details of local group sound baths.


British Academy of Sound Therapy.

The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) is run by Lyz Cooper and is where I gained my original sound therapy practitioner qualification. This site supplies a wealth of information on sound and the latest courses available.


College of Sound Healing.

The College of Sound Healing also runs accredited courses in various modalities and is run by Simon Heather. I trained in Sacred Drumming with COSH which was a wonderfully enriching experience.


Sound travels.

Sound Travels is a fantastic UK based site for purchasing instruments, but also books and cd’s. It also has a sound community linked to it and information and articles about sound healing and events.



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