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Here I am at the computer. Right now, I am managing to focus on what I am doing, apart from the odd pop into the kitchen to check on my SCD (lactose free) yoghurt and to nibble a tigernut cookie! I am not experiencing terrible pain, overwhelming fatigue and brain fog. My eyes have enough moisture to allow me to look at the computer screen and my skin is clear. This is a good day!

Over the last two years, this has mostly not been the case and life has been a lot more dreary. At times it has seemed a never ending struggle to be honest. Things are changing for me, and of course I still have bad days, but all the measures I have been putting in place over the last year are starting to make a difference. I have positivity and hope, and the satisfaction that comes with knowing that through perseverance and commitment, things can, and do change for the better.

 I am so grateful to all the bloggers, nutrition experts, energy workers and authors for all the excellent information out there. However, I try not to get too bogged down in all the online discussion of chronic health matters. In my opinion, focusing on that too much can be damaging in itself. In spite of all the negatives related to the electronic paradigm we find ourselves in, how lucky we are to have access to all this information and support, to help ourselves ..help ourselves.

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