Don’t Give Up!

by Mar 2, 2018

Crazy Summer Curveball


Writing this I feel like I am trudging through mud but I keep hearing in my head “Don’t give up!”. This lovely blog that I worked so hard at and enjoyed designing has been untended for six whole months. Just when I felt like I was getting going, the curveball of us having to move house happened. What I couldn’t have predicted was that we would struggle to find a house for six weeks and end up living in temporary accommodation for the summer. Moving house is stressful enough as it is! Having your family’s possessions stored in 5 different places across the county is very challenging, to say the least. We had to leave the temporary home twice as it was booked by others and there were times when we had two vehicles full to bursting with stuff (time to downsize perhaps?) as we spent the night in a family hotel room. I am eternally grateful that we were able to find a roof over our heads on those nights. We are the lucky ones. I have always had a great concern for the issues of homelessness but now I have a more acute vision of what that could feel like.

So I am not going to rant on about letting agents fees and requirements and the lack of affordable housing but instead just take a few moments to write about resilience. When we knew we had to move we made a family vision board. Amazingly, the house we had imagined appeared for viewing within a few days. We loved it but then all sorts of financial and practical issues got in the way which meant that we viewed many other houses (some of which were barely fit for habitation yet still at extortionate rents!). Time marched on through the summer weeks as the boys and I tried to make the best of a very strange summer holiday. The start of term at my eldest son’s new school was getting uncomfortably close. Of course, we wanted to be settled before then and so the temptation to take a house in a location and condition we weren’t happy with was strong. The tension was mounting and the September weather was moving in.

Don’t give up!


We didn’t give up. It was nail-biting and my poor husband had his head in his hands a few times. The kids had to start school and then we managed to pull it all together (only with the help of friends and family mind you..thank you dear ones) and we moved into our lovely home. The very same house we saw first at the beginning of the summer. It was meant for us!
The only way I got through this was by meditating daily and putting my trust in the divine that all would be well for us. I feel that my positive attitude brought our home to us.

What about my blog?

So this situation engulfed the whole summer. Consequently, there was an inevitable break in the blogging as I didn’t have access to a computer. Then we were settling into our new home and Christmas was upon us. So there has also been some procrastination and some doubt as I had lost momentum. My blog readership is still minuscule and that can be disheartening.
So I did feel like giving up on it. I have been spending time “arting” and making a new website for my healing work. (Check it out here guys Holistic Sound)  I have read articles about neglected blogs that were not terribly encouraging and made me feel like a failure as they talk about lack of posting as if it is a death sentence.

Well, I am back.

I have realised that I am not about to give up on the blog. I didn’t give up on the house. There is a lot of valuable information on this blog and lots more to come. I am going to be focusing more on the creative aspects of healing from Chronic Illness as that is what gives me the most joy. There may not be a post every single week as I am myself navigating the ups and downs of family life, and that is ok, in fact, it is good enough! There is no commandment saying how often thou must blog!


Resilience is adapting to adversity. Toddlers show resilience when they try to walk for the 27th time after 26 falls and resilience is what I need to tap into now to rescue my blog. It can be applied to Chronic Illness also. Sometimes it can feel like you are just moving from one symptom to another and the pain, discomfort and fatigue compound with interest. Trying to keep a positive attitude despite it all (whilst of course, making time and space for feeling and processing your negative emotions) helps you bounce back and wake up in the morning with a renewed sense of hope. There are solutions… and support… and miracles…
I always was a bit stubborn 😃

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