Creativity is our essence. We are co-creators and creativity can be easy and joyful. If we drop the anxiety about end results and enjoy the process, then we are like a young child again: exploring, having happy accidents, getting messy, making mud and having breakthroughs. Creativity isn’t meant to be a struggle and it is something that can be so healing, whether it is woodwork, weaving willow structures in the garden, painting, writing or cooking. Creativity is only limited by our own selves, though limited thinking and past traumas. I write these blog posts about creativity to inspire and encourage you to find a creative outlook that makes your heart sing. It might turn out to be your favourite pastime and the benefits to health and well-being are bountiful.

Creativity for health

Creativity for health

It is my belief that we are all creative beings living in human bodies. Especially for those of us whose creativity is their main strength and talent, if it is not used and enjoyed, we will wither and stagnate. My creative blocks were a huge factor in the ignition of...

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